Grasshoppers / Ladybugs

Grasshoppers/Ladybugs is Trinity Gaels GAA club’s very own Gaelic Football, Hurling & Camogie nursery. It’s on every Saturday at Trinity Sports and Leisure centre beside Fr Collins Park. We welcome all boys and girls between the ages of 4-7 yrs old.

We strive to provide a fun family friendly environment where children can make friends and exercise in a healthy fun way. We pride ourselves in producing juvenile teams where children of all abilities play together equally and make friendships that last for life. There are many benefits to being involved in Gaelic Games, obviously apart from being physically active, children will also develop important functional movement skills. They will also play mini matches where they will learn about competition and playing in a team environment. Each week they will also play a variety of fun games as well as learning all the skills of Gaelic Football, Hurling & Camogie.

We do our best to make sure that every Saturday all the children are playing in a friendly, safe & child orientated environment. We value each and every one of our Grasshoppers members and hope that you will Join us and become a part of the Club. The most important part of each Saturday is, that it’s FUN!!

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